~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

walking and walking and walking

Heather and I decided to start walking together. It helps to have someone to keep you honest. So we've gotten together yesterday and today at 6 am so we can get in about an hour before she has to go to work. This means I'm tired! So both days I walked an hour with Heather and then tagged along with Mike for his walk with Patch. Lots of walking! Yay! I may get in better shape yet! Which is a good thing considering I have new clothes now and want to feel good in them. I have lots of old clothes I'd like to look nice in too.

I'm sitting in the screen room next to an open window. I'm touching up my pink so my hair is full of dye+conditioner. I want to go slightly blonder so it will all take better but I missed Michelle this week and will have to wait until next Monday to try to catch her to discuss it. So in the meantime, I'll make sure it's kept bright. No sense in fading it if I don't even know when or if she'll do it.

My bladder doesn't feel right. I've spent the past two mornings sweating a ridiculous amount and I'm probably a little under hydrated. I have a bottle of water but it's hard to force it down.

I have photo work I need to get done soon. I have to finish the kitty birthday invitation cards so I can get them printed and sent out. It's sneaking up and will be here before I know it! I also need to remake the referral cards I made last week. There is room for improvement and I just don't like them as is. I have to order the story boards too. Work work work. This is good though!
Tags: life after news, self employment

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