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day whatever. I've lost count.

Let's see. I hate playing catch up but I will just because I have time and don't feel like showering yet. I need to though. My hair could stand to be washed.

Friday I hung out with Mikale for a while at g-ma's. We went down to see Betty and Sheila stopped by. I texted with Justin and made tentative plans to go out both Friday and Saturday nights. I was still feeling kinda sick so it was probably stupid but I wanted to go out dancing. And Justin is fun.

After I left g-ma's, I came home and Steve and I went out for tasty Genji goodness for dinner. Yay! Justin picked me up after he got out of work and out we went.

Saturday I made a mix cd. Tried to make two but my computer was being terribly uncooperative. Actually my Roxio was being terribly uncooperative. I think I ended up throwing away 3 cds and then just gave up. I am considering reinstalling the program and seeing if that helps.

I went to g-ma's for a bit on Saturday. I'm pretty sure. I have no actual memory of this but I'm sure I must have, right? My twitter is not helping me out with this but there is a large chunk of missing time so I'm figuring I must have. But anyway, after whatever was in that missing time, I came home and got ready to go out for night #2! Again, Justin picked me up after he got out of work and we went. Drinks and dancing happened and it was fun!

Sunday was Joey's graduation party. We got there early and set up. We ate, hung out for a couple hours and then went home for a nap. We went back at the end of the party to get my stuff. I think it was a success! Apparently people said they liked my photos and I know at least a couple people took referral cards. Yay!

Went to g-ma's after the party and warned her about my hair, since I expected to do it sometime on Monday. We fought about it. Awesome. Reminded me very much of my teenage years when we fought over all sorts of things all the time. We get along a lot better now that I don't live there. She seems to like me more. :p

So Monday morning, first thing, I went to see Michelle for my blonding. She put in a bunch of highlights and I was very blonde! Then Steve and I got a little lunch and then went home. I slopped on a bunch of pink and made a huge mess of myself. More messy than I remember it being. Maybe I just blocked that part out. Steve agreed to drive my grandma to her appointment since I was way too messy at that point. I went and hung out with Mikale while they went. I rinsed/conditioned/detangled at g-ma's and then went down to show Betty my hair and my portfolio. She liked my photos! Wasn't feeling the pink so much. But she liked my cut. She was nice about it. Can't say the same about my grandma. Big meanie.

When Steve & g-ma got back, Steve & I left for home. I changed, went to pick up my glasses, went to Mike's to show him both, went back home to meet up with Matt. He stopped by briefly to show off his new tattoo but then ran off after that for dinner with a friend. Steve and I took a short walk and then went bike riding. My ass is sore but it was nice.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I worked on a few photo things. Made a new portfolio special card, started the kitty birthday invitation, processed a few photos. I went to the store for shampoo and conditioner, got coffee with Steve at the Magic Bean, took a walk, and did a ton of laundry.

And now here we are! I need to eat something. And shower. And wait for Barb to call. I'm supposed to help her get rid of some tires today.
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