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the daily twitter - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
the daily twitter

  • 23:54 Justin has a goal of converting a lesbian someday. He told me not to tell you. Oops. #
  • 23:54 Tonight I am sipping. It is for the best. #
  • 00:22 Another Justin goal: To look like Avril Lavigne. He told me so. #
  • 02:37 Just got home. Not sick! Yay! Tomorrow might go ok. Dancing was fun! #
  • 10:32 Sleepy. Woke up after only 6 hours of sleep. Got up to pee and then Pumpkin let me know she needed love & pettins RIGHT THEN! #
  • 10:33 I need to eat something but I'm not hungry. This has been my problem for more than a week. Hard to force it down. #
  • 13:06 Making mix cds. #
  • 15:41 I had success making only the first mix cd. Computer is not cooperating for the rest. Grr. #
  • 22:54 About time for night out #2. I must be crazy. #

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