~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

days 8 & 9 also known as Monday and Tuesday

Monday was pretty grandma filled. I went to tend to her critters, took her her glasses, a newspaper, clean underwear, yogurt. But it involved multiple trips home, to the hospital, and to her house. So it took up the whole day.

They kept her a second night and she did not like that. But they had more tests they wanted to do.

Yesterday I went to tend to the critters and Barb brought her home once they turned her loose. She was out in the yard/garden almost immediately.

I put some baby catnip in pots to plant at home and got them in yesterday evening. So far so good with them. I did a load of laundry (all my jeans needed washing. all three pair. need to lose some weight so I can buy more.), read some, went for a walk, watched some House.

And now here we are today!

My plans today involve spending time with Mikale. We're going to clean out my car, then go for ice cream, then go to g-ma's so he can start planting his little garden.

In other news, on Monday, I rescheduled my hair appointment. So on Monday I'll have my highlights done and then I will be free to pink. Yay! I have the dye and I cannot wait. Yay!

I need to get some photo work done. Perhaps tonight or Thurs./Fri. mornings. I need to mock up some story boards and make referral cards.
Tags: life after news, self employment

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