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days 6 & 7

Saturday Steve and I went out shopping for a bit. Attempted it anyway. It was not successful and I mostly found it frustrating and depressing. So I gave it up and we had lunch. This was about 2. I never got hungry for dinner (this is important later.) Later in the afternoon we went to g-ma's and played badminton, went for a walk, then played more badminton. Then it was back home for some House. Justin and I made plans to go out drinking/dancing again. I got ready, went to the CU to get some money, realized that I should eat something but still didn't want anything. I forced down a piece of toast right before he picked me up but I don't imagine it helped too much.

We went down to the Mixx and drank way too heavily. As I recall, it was... a long island, 2 kamikazi shots, a rum & coke, another long island and 2 liquid cocaine shots (I think those are maybe Jager, Rumpleminze and 151. another possibility is with Goldschlager instead of the 151. baaaad either way). Somewhere in there I stopped being able to see straight. Or walk straight. Then the throwing up happened. Lots of it. I actually had to be collected off the bar bathroom floor at the end of the night. How awful! A first (and hopefully last) for me! Justin was pretty awesome about taking care of me. It was kinda his fault anyway. But he did well!

Yesterday I was sick sick sick for most of the day. Threw up about 4 times, didn't manage to eat anything until about 6:30 yesterday evening. But after that I was doing a bit better. I took a shower, then headed to g-ma's. I had stuff for her, plus Barb had called me and said g-ma felt dizzy. When I got there she was in her chair, in front of the tv, bucket in front of her throwing up and throwing up (theme for the day I guess) and that continued for quite a while until we convinced her to go to emergency to get checked out. They give you those little square pagers like at a restaurant now. Weird! The initial wait wasn't too long. I went back with her and Steve waited in the waiting room.

They hooked her up to the heart monitor, put in an IV, drew blood, took a urine sample, did a chest x-ray and a cat scan of her head. Head scan came back clear but doctor dude said he saw a large mass on her right lung and set her up for a cat scan of the chest. I don't know if they were going to do that last night or this morning. They admitted her at 2ish and I haven't heard from her yet today. I'm going to get dressed now and head to her house to tend to the critters.

Hope I can find Stranger. He went out for the first time yesterday and with us being gone last night, never got back in. He doesn't/can't climb or jump on things so that's a concern. Plus he's never been out before so he's probably cold, hungry and wet. Poor Stranger!
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