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Saginaw news stories

Abused kitty finds a home, maybe.


Blind cat a home

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Betsy the cat has taken a journey from cruelty to kindness, and she may have found a place to live.

The blind young tiger cat was staying temporarily at the Saginaw County Humane Society shelter, 123 S. Niagara, and has moved to the Saginaw home of Daniel and Barb Meyers.

If she gets along with their male cat, Peanut, she can stay, the Meyerses said.

Brought in to the society shelter as a stray about a month ago, Betsy needed immediate attention to treat an infected eye socket.

She'd already lost the eye. It looked like something had gouged it out, while something had punctured the other eye. Veterinarians at Mid-Michigan Veterinary Hospital, 3304 Davenport in Saginaw, told society volunteers that someone deliberately caused the damage.

"There was no other injury, so we know it wasn't a car accident or a fight with an animal," said volunteer Carolyn M. Wilson of Bridgeport Township.

The woman who found the stray let her live in a shed but couldn't afford surgery to fix the injuries, said volunteer Kris Spicer of Saginaw Township.

Wilson said abuse cases aren't too common at the society.

Another volunteer, Jonna Scharf of Saginaw Township, "fell in love" with the sickly kitty and donated some $400 to pay for a surgical procedure, Wilson said.

Betsy healed after her eye socket was cleaned out and stitched up. A course of antibiotics completed her treatment. The other eye was saved but doesn't work.

She lost her sight but still has her love for life -- and for humans, Wilson said.

"She is the sweetest cat. She plays and climbs. I would swear she can see, but they say no. She can bat a ball across the floor and follow it. It's amazing."

The Meyerses saw that Betsy was featured as "Pet of the Week" in Sunday's Saginaw News.

"My wife works as a technician at Douglas Family Vision in Saginaw, and seeing Betsy with her special need really struck her," Daniel Meyers said.

They hope the trial adoption will work out, he said.

Prospective owners must fill out an application and pay a $100 adoption fee. Volunteers check on the care of other pets in the home to decide on placement.

Call the Humane Society at 797-2482 for more information about adoptions. t

Jill Armentrout is a staff writer for The Saginaw News. You may reach her at 776-9681.

I think they're gonna tear down Handley! :(
or at the very least it won't be Handley any more.


Buildings and Grounds Committee members Monday took a first look at a $70 million plan that recommends building two schools and renovating eight others.

The proposal calls for constructing a new Loomis Elementary School, 2000 Loomis, on the present campus and building a West Side middle school on the site of Handley Elementary School, 3021 Court.

School leaders then would move the Handley Program for the Creative and Academically Talented to the current South Middle School site, 224 N. Elm.


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