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the daily twitter - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
the daily twitter

  • 08:28 Sleepy. Didn't get to bed as early as I hoped to. It is making me slow to get things done today. #
  • 09:21 Time for the mail. I don't wanna. (only 23 days left though!) #
  • 09:23 People keep calling. Stop calling, people! #
  • 10:06 I may have to wander down to the basement and see what I can find to eat. Not as icky as it sounds. That's where the vending machines are. #
  • 10:24 Someone help me find a perfect carry-everything tote bag that's not too huge, not ugly, & not too expensive. Go! #
  • 12:23 guy likes to wear skirts, sues for discrimination: www.wdsu.com/news/19390498/detail.html #
  • 17:07 Photo processing time. Working on Heather's family pics. #

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