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kitty update. it's not a good one.

Monday I took my grandma to her doctor's appointment. (Doctor appointment?) I was worried about the kitties being on their own for so long so I had Steve look in on them. I would have preferred to have him drive g-ma and me be with the kitties but that's just not the way it worked.

He called me to tell me he was worried about the little tabby girl (who, after my last kitty update entry, was renamed to Abbie, while not-Stella, the former Abbie, was named Emmie.) He said she wasn't acting right. She was a limp and listless and didn't want to eat and made noises once in a while. My grandma's appointment seemed to take forever and when she got out I raced home to the kitties. When I got there, it was just as he said. She was limp and droopy. Once in a while she would tense and her head would go back and she would let out a cry. She was pretty unresponsive. I don't know how aware she was. I didn't know what to do so I just held her. I was pretty sure she was dying. And she was. Her breath got shallower until the cries weren't really cries any more. Just the motion with no noise. (I'm crying as I type this. It was truly awful.) Eventually she was still, and peed, which I figured meant it was all over. I just can't describe how terrible it was and how sad it made me.

(5-24-09 - going back now to try to finish this but I'm a little fuzzier on the dates now.)

I think it was a couple days that things were more or less ok. I was still worrying about them but I was hoping they were all going to be ok. They still had diarrhea and it was hard to keep them clean or eating enough for my tastes. But they were doing pretty well. So it came as a surprise when my grandma told me the tortie died. I believe it was a few days after the little tabby girl. The tortie had been doing the best. She was the biggest, the strongest, she was drinking on her own. She was perky. I seriously don't understand what happened. Going over it and over it afterward, I still can't think of anything we did or didn't do.

That left Fluff and Ham. I took them to the vet I think the next day and they were weighed, and had their poop checked. It came out fine so the dr gave them some meds for the diarrhea. I didn't really realize it until a little later, but Fluff wasn't his normal self that day. He was much quieter and didn't have all of the perky spunk he usually had.

On the way back from the vet I stopped at my house to make them a few more rice bags for my grandma to warm up and put in their blankets. When I got him home, I noticed he didn't seem right. He was kind of droopy and quiet and just... didn't seem *right*. I set him on the floor and he fell over when he started walking. But after that he was a bit better and I thought maybe it was because I had woken him up. I got them settled in and went home. The next day I found out that not too long after I left, Fluff died.

He was such a sweet little guy. He kind of waddled when he walked and he would bite my lip when he was hungry. He purred when I would pet him and scratch his head. Actually they were both purring when I left them.

After that we just had Ham. He's getting pretty fat and sassy now. He's grown and I've posted photos. I suppose this is a good place to cut this entry off then.

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