~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

the daily twitter

  • 07:30 Starving again. Must be hormonal. #
  • 07:49 I didn't get home too late but still managed to stay up later than I should have. #
  • 07:50 The fundraiser last night was lovely. The food was super tasty. My photo package got bids. Wee! #
  • 08:08 Grrr. Stupid vending machine. I wanted something for breakfast but it stuck in the machine. So I had to buy 2 to get one. I only wanted one. #
  • 08:38 I'm doing a little social experiment here. I put the 2nd breakfast item in the freezer downstairs. Will anyone steal it? I'll see tomorrow. #
  • 09:38 I have lots of proofing to do. Blah. #
  • 12:35 Sad. My favorite (former) security guard died. He was such a nice, sweet man. :( #
  • 12:36 tinyurl.com/ce9sgo #
  • 13:44 The little tortie died This morning. :( my grandma said she went in once and she was fine and later she was dead. I just don't understand. #

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