~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

more kitty sadness, update on the rest

My favorite baby, the little fluffy gray one, died sometime last night. My grandma told me that last night he was a little off and was kind of falling asleep when she was holding him to feed him so she put him back to bed. He was snuggled up with the others when she went to bed but when she got up this morning, he had crawled out of the box and was laying there dead. :(

This makes me so sad! I really hoped he would do better. He was so tiny and frail and skinny... but I just hoped I could help him.

The other four are doing pretty well. They're all tentatively named. Fluff (the fluffy orange boy, he reminds me of dandilion fluff), Ham (the short haired orange tabby boy, he reminds me of a hamster), Minnie (the little tabby with orange girl who looks like a mini version of the mama, plus she's little), and Abilene, or, Abbie (I wanted to name her Stella but my grandma vetoed it right away. Apparently she really hates the name. Too bad. She would have made a fine Stella).
Tags: critter tales

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