~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

thinking about making chat log journal, to do list, missing francois

I'm thinking I may just have to separate the conversations from the journal...
mostly because as of late there have been far too many of them... and I don't really want the conversations to go hijacking my journal...
I would actually still like to write journal entries and stuff...

so there. something else for my to do list today...
I need to go buy tissue paper to trace my sewing patterns (tat way I won't mess up the patterns up and I'll be able to far more easily reuse them)
I need to go see Belinda and get my hair trimed for real... the past couple times I've done it myself and while I didn't do a bad job, its just not the same as having it done right by someone who actually knows what they are doing... I called her yesterday and so I have an appointment for 3:00 today
and I need to go pick up my pills... they finally got some in and so now I can have my zyrtec again. yay to that.
and of coure I'll try to mess with switching around the way the conversations are set up.
I'm thinking I will still use LJ just because of the ease in updating. though it would be nice if there was something else with the same ease (meaning something else that I'd be able to update without having to do it through a web browser... I rather like the LJ update clients...)

on a side note, I'm really beginning to miss Francois... and I don't remember how long he said he was going to be gone. not too much longer I hope... I think maybe all this week though. so thats still quite a while... :(

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