~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

maybe I just worry too much. but maybe I don't.

Today there's the earlier party that my family is coming to here and we're ordering tasty Mexican take out food. Then later there is supposed to be an outing to a bar here in town. But I'm all worried now that people are just going to bail on me. I asked Mary if she'd be willing to be the designated driver so I could get a group together to go but now it's looking like that won't happen. It might just be Steve and me going and I'm going to feel all awkward and stupid. Sarah and Heather are supposed to be coming together and most me me just figures that's so they can make an easy exit and have an excuse to not drink too. Thank you, paranoid brain. I don't know. I guess that's just the way it usually goes though.

I'm worried that I'm going to feel so uncool and so lame.
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