~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

interesting, small world kind of moment

I was in the grocery store in Bridgeport doing some shopping for my grandma, and a guy stopped me near the produce section and asked me how I'd season salmon if I were cooking it. I've never actually cooked salmon, but I read a lot of recipes and food blogs. I recommended going simple, maybe a little salt & pepper and some lemon juice. Or perhaps a lemon pepper rub. We parted ways there and I continued on. But then he had me wondering about it and thinking about what one might do with salmon. So I went down the salad dressing/marinade aisle and saw one garlic/herb/lemon marinade that I thought might be a possibility. Then I went down the spice aisle and took a look there to see what they had. Not much. There was nothing specifically for fish, though there were several different versions of lemon pepper. Dude was in that aisle contemplating and we talked about it for a while longer. Eventually I decided that since neither of us knew for sure, he should go as simple as possible. My final recommendation was salt and pepper with a little splash of lemon at the end. He introduced himself as Monty. I knew of a Monty that Ryan knows who is from Bridgeport, and I knew he was a football player. I thought there was a chance that it was him. So I asked, and it was! How weird is that?

Then I came home and googled him. Holy cow! I didn't realize he had been up to so much!

Behold the wikipedia entry for Monty Brown.

Weird, huh?

Oh, and I felt pretty validated when I came back and asked my grandma how *she* would recommend cooking salmon and she said the same thing. Only she said with a little butter too. But otherwise, I recommended well. Yay!

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