~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

the daily twitter

  • 09:41 I had lots of fever-dream type dreams last night. All night. Blerg. Brain still feels smushy. #
  • 10:00 The calendar has come back to haunt me. Or maybe they've just added more things that need to be proofed. #
  • 10:21 Today is: Tell a Fairy Tale Day! Celebrate! #
  • 10:29 The popbitch joke in today's newsletter is amusing. #
  • 12:34 I am starving! #
  • 12:58 Ok time to go. Lunch, chores, wii fit (?) dinner, shower, bed. #
  • 15:09 Filling bird feeders. Really nice day. #

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