~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

daily details

chores at g-ma's
took Scruffy to the vet
took scruffy home from the vet
went back to my house long enough to grab stuff in a bag
went to Magic(al) Bean with Steve to work on my marketing homework. We came up with a pretty decent profile of my target market person. He also bought me dinner. Soup/sandwich/strawberry italian soda. Yum!
went home
went to bed. Slept poorly because of Steve's snoring. Grr.

chores at g-ma's
worked on (and finished!) sales tax form that needs to be in by the 28th
had chicken soup for dinner
bed. Sans Steve. I slept pretty well. He slept in the TV room. He has an appointment with the Dr. today to see if there is anything more that can be done for his allergies, which I suspect are the root the snoring.

marketing class
chores at g-ma's
home for dinner, shower, bed

Hopefully today or tomorrow our Wii Fit will arrive. I'm excited!

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