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the daily twitter - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
the daily twitter
  • 07:08 Steve keeps change in his cup holders. I turned a corner and my coffee tipped over. Goddammit! #
  • 08:51 I do not want to type things but I need to. Stupid typing. Stupid things. #
  • 10:13 grumbles from this morning: crushedglass.livejournal.com/714922.html #
  • 11:57 I suddenly have migraine spots. WHY? Seriously. WTF is my deal? tmi, but period's over. no more migraines! goddammit. #
  • 12:38 Took a whole imitrex instead of a half. Hello smushyness! Goodbye brain function! #
  • 12:40 It's a little like trying to type drunk. #
  • 18:28 Nesting. #
  • 21:33 I was unaware that people outside my immediate circle do not tend to use the term "nesting" out of it's pregnant context. #
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