~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

chat log: mgotur_mca

mgotur_mca: hi
buttercupsmiles2120: hi
mgotur_mca: hi butter
mgotur_mca: how ru
buttercupsmiles2120: great
buttercupsmiles2120: and you
mgotur_mca: me too
mgotur_mca: my name is mahesh
mgotur_mca: chating from india
buttercupsmiles2120: thats nice
mgotur_mca: what about u
buttercupsmiles2120: I'm in the US
mgotur_mca: fine
mgotur_mca: what ur doing
mgotur_mca: not now
mgotur_mca: i know u r chating with me
mgotur_mca: did u like to chat with indians
buttercupsmiles2120: its cool
mgotur_mca: thanks and i like it
mgotur_mca: what u like
buttercupsmiles2120: kittens
buttercupsmiles2120: and pudding
mgotur_mca: what is pudding
mgotur_mca: sorry let me know some words
buttercupsmiles2120: its a dessert
buttercupsmiles2120: made with milk and grass
buttercupsmiles2120: and lots of sugar
mgotur_mca: fine
mgotur_mca: after
mgotur_mca: is there any thing
buttercupsmiles2120: after what?
mgotur_mca: other things what u like
buttercupsmiles2120: snakes
buttercupsmiles2120: and make up
mgotur_mca: just now i saw ur profile ur good looking
buttercupsmiles2120: yes
buttercupsmiles2120: thats why I have that picture there
buttercupsmiles2120: I save my ugly pictures for special people
mgotur_mca: do u have other pics also
mgotur_mca: special people means
mgotur_mca: boy friends
buttercupsmiles2120: no. thats the only picture I have. anywhere. it was my first one ever
buttercupsmiles2120: I didnt get to even have one at the hospital when I was born because the hospital camera was broken
buttercupsmiles2120: my parents were really mad. they wanted to sue the hospital
mgotur_mca: ok camera broken what about reeal in that
buttercupsmiles2120: what?
mgotur_mca: filim
mgotur_mca: hi
mgotur_mca: ru there
mgotur_mca: hi butter
mgotur_mca: what is this 2120
mgotur_mca: do u like sex
buttercupsmiles2120: I dont know what it is
mgotur_mca: in camera what will be there
mgotur_mca: u mean to say sex
buttercupsmiles2120: what camera? you have a camera? does it have something to do with sex?
mgotur_mca: really ur tring to be smart enough
buttercupsmiles2120: I am very smart
buttercupsmiles2120: i just have lived a very sheltered life
mgotur_mca: ya i come to know
buttercupsmiles2120: my parents dont let me do much
mgotur_mca: why like that
buttercupsmiles2120: they are mean
buttercupsmiles2120: and they really worry about me
buttercupsmiles2120: they don't want anything bad to happen to me
mgotur_mca: that means the like u very much
buttercupsmiles2120: yes
buttercupsmiles2120: but it makes me sad to not get to learn anything
mgotur_mca: what about u
buttercupsmiles2120: what about me?
mgotur_mca: ya
mgotur_mca: u like them
mgotur_mca: u like to moov with ur friends
buttercupsmiles2120: yes.
buttercupsmiles2120: oh they wouldnt let me do that
buttercupsmiles2120: they dont like my friends
mgotur_mca: all boy friends
buttercupsmiles2120: I only have 2 friends
mgotur_mca: or girl friends
buttercupsmiles2120: no no boyfriends
buttercupsmiles2120: my parents would be mad
buttercupsmiles2120: theyre girls
buttercupsmiles2120: my parents picked them out for me
mgotur_mca: u ever paticipate sex any one
buttercupsmiles2120: at this store that helps protective parents pick friends
buttercupsmiles2120: I still dont know what you are talking about
mgotur_mca: it's realy bad
buttercupsmiles2120: sec is bad>
buttercupsmiles2120: *sex is bad?
mgotur_mca: sex is bad? why?
mgotur_mca: what is your age
mgotur_mca: ?
buttercupsmiles2120: no you said its bad
buttercupsmiles2120: 17
mgotur_mca: oh fine
buttercupsmiles2120: 27
buttercupsmiles2120: sorry I typed it wrong
mgotur_mca: yr 27
buttercupsmiles2120: yes
mgotur_mca: till now u didn't paticipate sex with any one
mgotur_mca: don't tell lie
buttercupsmiles2120: no I told you my parents are very protective
buttercupsmiles2120: they dont let me do anything
buttercupsmiles2120: I dont have a job because they didint let me go to school so no one will hire me
buttercupsmiles2120: so I cant move
mgotur_mca: u won't go to college
mgotur_mca: u did get married
buttercupsmiles2120: and they dont let me do anything
buttercupsmiles2120: no!
buttercupsmiles2120: of course not!
buttercupsmiles2120: I've never even had a boyfriend
buttercupsmiles2120: I dont think I like boys anyway
buttercupsmiles2120: I love old women though
buttercupsmiles2120: I already *did* tell you!
buttercupsmiles2120: dont you listen?
mgotur_mca: what u will do with old women
buttercupsmiles2120: I dont want to talk to someone who doesnt want t listen to me
buttercupsmiles2120: I will get married to one and keep her house clean
buttercupsmiles2120: thats what wives do right?
mgotur_mca: sorry
mgotur_mca: tell
buttercupsmiles2120: I jsut did
buttercupsmiles2120: I kept talking
buttercupsmiles2120: are you still not paying attention?
buttercupsmiles2120: sorry I have to go
buttercupsmiles2120: you are making me upset
mgotur_mca: where
mgotur_mca: sorry
mgotur_mca: da
mgotur_mca: i'm really very much sorry
mgotur_mca: for that
buttercupsmiles2120: I am going to stop talking with you now ok
mgotur_mca: don't pls
mgotur_mca: donn't do that
buttercupsmiles2120: but I dont want to talk to you any mroe
mgotur_mca: i feel bad if any one to stop talking
buttercupsmiles2120: well I'm going to get in trouble if one of my parents gets up anyway I'm not allowed to stay up this late...
mgotur_mca: bye then
mgotur_mca: ur not leasoning my word
mgotur_mca: go to hell
mgotur_mca: bye


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