~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

"engagement" shoot day

We're about to head out and go downtown. We're meeting Stephanie and Chris at noon for makeup. Then more photos through the getting ready. Some details. Some city shots. Then the ceremony. Exciting!

Yesterday was plenty of walking. My feet survived it ok. My back and head hurt by the end of the day though.

I had a good time. We met at the 900 shops and I had a mocha from Ethel's and then took some photos in there. I have hopes for them! We went in search of flowers and got hot pink roses from Jewel. Pretty! We ended up at North Bridge and did a little walking around and shopping.

We parted after that and Steve and I made our way back here for dinner. I had some online time and visited with Beth. Then sleep.
Tags: chicago

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