~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

business trip!

We are in Chicago. We arrived last night. I had a migrainy yesterday and so the trip was not much fun. Nausea and headache and absolutely everything (except for soothing Biscuit) making me unhappy. Then I napped and felt a little more human.

Then we slept some more.

Today I have a bit of a headache but that's caffeine related. I downed some coffee and I see more in my future so that should help.

Today I'm doing an "engagement" shoot for Stephanie and her guy, which is really more of a "get used to having your own paparazzi" shoot. That way tomorrow will be far more relaxed. In theory.

I just set up a business twitter account. It's hard having multiple identities! But in the end it's necessary and worth it. It means I can continue to be myself here and not have to worry what might pop up if someone googled me after a job interview. Or something like that.

Now, need to think of where to do this "engagement" shoot. Hmmm.
Tags: chicago
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