~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

stuff about today!

We went shopping last night for party stuff. I have some decorations (crepe paper streamers, a happy birthday banner, birthday plates and napkins) and some more food (cheesecakes, ingredients for layered dip, queso dip). We'll be picking up the food from Rico's around 4:30. I'm wondering if we should make it 5 instead. 4:30 is seeming kind of early to eat now.

We also have a card for her and a bottle of wine. I hope it's not too difficult to get her to come without having to tell her why.

I'm looking forward to it though. So wee!

My back still hurts. More this morning than it did yesterday morning. Guess the muscle relaxer didn't help after all. I slept forever though. That was nice. Almost 11 hours.

And now, here is my "5 questions..." video for this week. It's Mikale. Here's the link and the embedded video is under the cut. (expect to see Steve's later today)



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