~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

my 25 things post from facebook

1. I have 5 cats

2. I keep piano nails now that I no longer play the piano. When I played, I was forever yelled at for keeping them too long.

3. I like the way kittens smell.

4. I get anxious over ridiculous things.

5. I love my toaster oven.

6. I have a bunch of websites. (5? 6? A few of them are Livejournals)

7. I like twitter. Why aren't you using it??

8. I like playing skeeball. Bonus if I get to be tipsy while I play.

9. I spend too much time online, though not as much time as I used to.

10. I feel naked if I don't have a camera on me. I pretty much always have at least one. Sometimes up to 3.

11. I like notebooks. And folders. I have a stack of new ones and I have a hard time making myself use them. They're so crisp and pretty!

12. I love nice smelling girly things. Lush, BPAL, Soap & Glory

13. I like taking pictures of spiders. I like looking at them. I do not like touching them. Usually I'll take them outside instead of squishing them if they're in the house.

14. I've had my stuffed bunny, Bonnie, since I was 6 or 7. She has a website. She goes on vacation with me.

15. I hate parking.

16. I like baking cakes.

17. I would like to make my business my full time employment. Peeps need to hire me. Peeps! Hire me!

18. I can only imagine how much cat hair I must ingest daily. Muffin likes to shed in my food. All the damn time.

19. I keep trying to like sushi but the texture always gets me. Bleah.

20. I majored in French but don't remember most of it. I always was shaky on my vocabulary.

21. I thought about going to school more for Sign Language but the good programs are farther away than I wanted to be.

22. I am prone to migraines. They are no fun.

23. I've tried bacon chocolate. It's surprisingly good.

24. I am too quiet for my own good. I'm not unfriendly, I just don't have anything to say.

25. I love books. I have more than I know what to do with. This is not a bad problem to have.

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