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the daily twitter - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
the daily twitter
  • 08:48 I have tasty peppermint mocha. Yay! #
  • 09:44 Today is: National Cornchip Day and National Puzzle Day! As always, celebrate! #
  • 10:13 BPAL of the Day: The Parliament of Monsters #
  • 11:15 It smells like warmed up cat food in here. #
  • 12:25 Opossum! tinyurl.com/ddz55e and tinyurl.com/bm9sn7 I think they're cute. #
  • 12:55 Off to g-ma's in a few. Chores to do then maybe shopping with her. #
  • 15:42 Just saw g.ma's possum again. I said 'hello bad possum!' He looked at me a bit and slowly waddled away to hide. #
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