~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

the daily twitter

  • 10:40 having sweet snack! cookies and cocoa! #
  • 10:43 I wish my kitties would be more cooperative about softpaws. I'd get them some for Valentine's Day. They're pretty! But they're jerks. #
  • 12:55 Almost time to leave! Yay! Time to go get oil changed in my car. My mother will be so pleased. #
  • 13:47 adding kitty photos to flickr pools #
  • 13:47 and drinking peppermint mocha #
  • 13:53 scratch that "drinking" part. Pouring out peppermint mocha. I am apparently on a schedule and didn't know it. >:( #
  • 17:59 Time for some laundry. Fun fun. #
  • 20:25 Playing with imeem, uploading music, making a playlist #
  • 21:54 Just spent time looking through the LJ pink hair community and missing my pink hair! :( #

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