~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

daily details, plus a photo of a house!

01/19/09 house, originally uploaded by angelle321.

Yesterday I:
Did lots of research for Scruffy. Found a place to take him. Need to get him over his upper respiratory thing, get him neutered, get him vaccinated, and get him tested again for FeLV.

Hung out at my grandma's. Gave Scruffy his eye drops. Visited with Matt for a bit. He came by on his way to visit a friend.

Processed the house pictures that I took for the dude. Hopefully they will be what he needed. That's a picture of the house up there, but not one that I sent him.

Had a healthful dinner and went for a walk in the cold.

Got to bed decently early!


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