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the daily twitter - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
the daily twitter
  • 09:46 Be aware of Penguins today. Penguin fact: Penguins are excellent navigators. #
  • 09:47 Looking for a shelter or sanctuary that takes FeLV positive cats. Otherwise Scruffy gets a death sentence and that would be very sad. #
  • 10:19 I think I found a shelter to take him. He needs to be neutered, have his shots, and get a second FeLV lab test. I can do that! #
  • 11:44 Scruffy not out of the woods yet. Needs to get rid of upper respiratory infection, then can be neutered. For now, he's in unheated bedroom. #
  • 12:05 I think I'm the only one not watching tv right now. Ah well. I'm ok with it. #
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