~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Scruffy update

I did a lot of googling and emailing this morning, looking for a shelter or rescue group that accepts FeLV positive kitties. I heard back from one so far. In order for him to go to Cat Tail Farms in Webberville, he would need to be neutered, have his rabies/distemper vaccinations and have a second leukemia test. The IFA test is supposed to have 99% accuracy.

First, I need to get him over his upper respiratory infection. He has meds that he has to take 3 times a day. My g-ma needs to help with that. She's all worried about him being in the cold bedroom. It's an unheated room, but it beats being outside. And it beats being dead. She's being a little difficult though. She was telling me she would feel guilty having him ethanized, she feels bad shutting him away because it makes him unhappy. I say temporary unhappiness beats dead too.

After that he can be neutered, then he can have the second test and the vaccinations.

What would be really awesome right now would be a temporary foster home for him.

I also heard from a lady at Pet Angel in Frankenmuth. She is going to get someone to send me more information about positive cats living in the same home as non-positive cats.

No one else has replied yet.
Tags: critter tales

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