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Scruffy showed up at my grandma's sometime in October. For about the last month or so, he's been in the house. It was terribly cold and he wanted in so badly. He behaved himself, used the litter box, didn't fight... so it would have been hard to say no when he just wanted to curl up on a chair or rug and sleep.

He seemed to be having some poo issues, straining when going and then diarrhea. So I took a sample in last week but they didn't find anything in it. I set an appointment for him today.

I didn't realize until today that he's not neutered. The way he acts, we just assumed he was fixed. But today, I finally looked at his back end and kitty is... well endowed. He has huge balls!

Dr. Winter said that Feline Leukemia is more common in unneutered males and recommended I have him tested. I am so glad I did. He's leukemia positive and this is a terrible thing. About 10 years ago, we lost just about every cat we had to leukemia. I didn't know much about the disease and didn't know you could vaccinate against it. It was horrible to see them die from it. They just grew sicker and sicker. It was definitely a slow and unpleasant way to go. It felt like we were running a kitty hospice, making them as comfortable as possible as their disease progressed.

I never, ever want to go through that again. It was just heartbreaking.

And now I have this threat because Scruffy has been in the house for the last month or so.

There are 9 cats at my grandma's that will need testing: Billy, Brother, Margaret, my KittyKitty, Gracie, Little Guy, Jebby, Stranger, Molly.

I need to find out how long after possibly contracting the disease one should wait to test. I don't know how long it takes for it to show up on a test. I couldn't find much online to tell me that. I did find one site that said most show up within 28 days. If that's true, we could be waiting and worrying for another month.

And that still leaves Scruffy. Who isn't overly sick, aside from an upper respiratory infection. He's not suffering but I can't see any way that he won't have to be euthanized. I feel so guilty about it. But there is nowhere for him to be. No good home for him to have. It sucks. A whole bunch. And it makes me very sad. :(

More info about Feline Leukemia (FeLV) here: http://www.vet.cornell.edu/fhc/resources/brochure/felv.html
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