~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

last night

Last night when I went to bed, I kept Jack with me because Steve was going to be late. Jack would have let himself in anyway and all the rest of the cats too. Easier to just let him stay. He'll sometimes mew at me for a bit, wanting me to pet him. Then he settles down, either on the bed or on the kitty shelf. I assume he did this last night too.

At some point I guess he wanted out, or wanted company. I prefer to believe that because otherwise, it means one of the other cats has figured out how to open the door too. We'll say it was Jack. He can open it from the inside too, though it is more of a challenge for him.

Around 1ish, I woke up to Biscuit on my pillow, licking my hair, purring and purring and purring. It took me a bit for it to filter in and wake me up. I think it had been in my dream a bit. Just as I was getting up to put Biscuit out, I felt Muffin on the bed. So I got him first. Then I shooed Biscuit out, then Jack. I hoped that he would decide to stay out until Steve got home.

I don't know when Steve actually did get home. Must have been very late. I had a note from him this morning that his car had died on the way home. Perhaps with some nudging, he'll post about that himself today.

Now I'm about to get things done and feeling cold. The drive to work sucks with my car not really warming up properly. My hands are better for now, but my toes are cold.

I went to bed plenty early but I'm still very sleepy. I could easily go back to bed right now, were it an option. It's not though. Alas.

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