~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Grandma is home

They let her out this afternoon. Finally!

She had the go ahead from the heart doctor but had to be seen by the guy filling in for her regular doctor before she could go home.

I left work at 8:30 because the furnace guys were coming and there was no one else to be there. Sometimes her furnace will start blowing cold air. This is not good. But it was behaving when they came so there wasn't much they could do. I just hope it keeps behaving. She doesn't need to be in the cold.

She's supposed to stay inside and take it easy. No chores, no lifting, no driving. Her fluid is restricted. No more than 2 liters per day. She's supposed to take it easy on coffee and tea. They have her on a diuretic.

She has to schedule follow ups with her doctors. She's going to see about getting an oxygen tank for emergencies. Insurance will pay for it. So she should. I'm also going to look for a cordless phone that she can have in her bedroom. Just in case she needs it. There is no phone hook up in there so it would need to be one of the kind with the multiple handsets. I'm trying to find one that people don't say is too quiet. Not the ringer, the conversation. She doesn't really hear well enough.

After the furnace guys left today I called Steve over with a bunch of supplies and we cleaned so she wouldn't feel the need to when she got home. Kitchen floor was washed, dishes were done, counter wiped, some of the living room carpet cleaned. It's gross. She has new carpet to go in but it's a matter of getting someone to put it in and getting the room ready for it. She wants the walls washed and painted first. Then carpet. Lots of work to be done.

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