~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

grandma in the hospital

She went in early this morning. She said it was before 6 I think. She was having trouble breathing and called 911. So it must have been serious. Recently there were a few times that she had trouble breathing but not as bad. About 12 years ago she had the same thing happen.

Her heart isn't strong enough so fluid builds up in her lungs. She has medication to strengthen her heart but she's been on it since then and maybe it's time to adjust it. Obviously I guess.

Worrysome but she sounds fine. She called me at work this morning and gave me instructions for taking care of the cats. I was on kitty duty, Barb had dog duty. We also made sure the birds were fed.

Steve and I are going to head over to visit her in a bit. They're supposed to be letting her out in the morning.
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