~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

chat log: braygcm

I decided a new sn was in order cause I just dont feel right spinning ridiculous lies on my regular one.. I dont know why...
and I figured peoiple like this are gonna message me anyway I might as well have a name that I can lie to them on...

braygcm: hi
buttercupsmiles2120: hello
braygcm: do you wanna chat
buttercupsmiles2120: I dont care
braygcm: i notice that one of your interests is hair
buttercupsmiles2120: ok
braygcm: i was wondering if you wanna play barber shop
buttercupsmiles2120: and what does that mean?
braygcm: where we pretend we give each other a haircut
buttercupsmiles2120: wow that sounds like fun!
buttercupsmiles2120: I love pretending!
braygcm: the setting will be in a barbershop like where a man would get his haircut is that ok
braygcm: and you can respond whenever you want
buttercupsmiles2120: alright
braygcm: what color haircutting cape would you like me to use
buttercupsmiles2120: pink!
braygcm: i use the capes that are made of a silk like material
buttercupsmiles2120: I *love* pink!
braygcm: i don't have pink i have red though
buttercupsmiles2120: well then why did you ask
buttercupsmiles2120: thats not nice
buttercupsmiles2120: I want pink!
braygcm: i dunno i am sorry
buttercupsmiles2120: well if I cant have pink then I dont wanna play
braygcm: ok you can have pink i was kidding
braygcm: i am sorry
buttercupsmiles2120: ok good
braygcm: i also use neck strips, and the cape can have a velcro or snap closure you choose
buttercupsmiles2120: velcro... I like the sound it makes!
braygcm: ok let start then
braygcm: i am sitting in the barber chair i hear the door open
braygcm: hi how can i help you
buttercupsmiles2120: I want to wear a pink cape!
braygcm: i know but this is a barber shop
braygcm: i assume you came here for a haircut
buttercupsmiles2120: well thats not the important part
buttercupsmiles2120: but I guess
braygcm: whats your name
buttercupsmiles2120: lucy
braygcm: you ready lucy
buttercupsmiles2120: sure!
buttercupsmiles2120: what did yo have in mind?
braygcm: however you want it cut
buttercupsmiles2120: cause I kind of want it shaved with designs shaved in
buttercupsmiles2120: i think its so cool!
braygcm: i can shave it all off if you like
buttercupsmiles2120: but you have to make designs in it!
braygcm: i don't do designs if you are getting all of your hair shaved off
buttercupsmiles2120: why not?
buttercupsmiles2120: I want my name shaved in with some cool designs
braygcm: because designs will not show up on a bald head
buttercupsmiles2120: I didnt mean razor it
buttercupsmiles2120: youre the barber youre supposed to know what I mean!
braygcm: i mean shaving all of your hair off with clippers no designs
buttercupsmiles2120: well you make the designs
buttercupsmiles2120: thats what I want
braygcm: i don't do designs
buttercupsmiles2120: well never mind then
buttercupsmiles2120: I'm going home

who knows what else I'll end up with in the coming days...

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