~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

a wrong number txt exchange

dude with wrong number (DWWN): Hey what happened 2 mark?
me: who is this?
DWWN: Jake
me: Priest?
DWWN: Os this ian
me: Dude wrong number I think. Which makes this exchange make way more sense. I don't think I even know anyone in Texas.
DWWN: Ur from michigan
me: Yes and I am most definitely not Ian.
DWWN: Hahahah Srry bro.....
me: I'm a girl! No problem though. :)
DWWN: Ahahhaah
Is michigan cool
me: If by cool you mean fucking ridiculously cold, then yes. It is awesome.
DWWN: Its sooo cold down in college station right now
Its snowing 8-)
DWWN: What do you look like?
And how old are u
Im 14
me: Oh jesus. Ok time to stop talking. I am old. 28. Have a good day, kid. :)
DWWN: Byee
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