~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

late + to do list

This morning I woke up at 5, decided that I didn't really need my internet time and reset my alarm for 50 minutes later. Well, I *thought* I set my alarm for 50 minutes later. Something apparently went wrong because an hour and a half later I woke up and panicked.

In the end, I wasn't too late. I didn't have time for breakfast and coffee at home so I brought it with me. It all worked out. The extra sleep was nice. I'm still tired though.

I'm feeling lightly crampy. I hate it when I can't pinpoint when exactly things will go from nothing to messy. When I'm at work, this actually matters.

I have things to get done. The to-do list!

Go to credit union and deposit money
Call client who has yet to set shoot date
Call Joey's mom who seems to have disappeared
E-mail about another silent auction
Proof baby pictures
Proof Steve's parents
Call Harry about car
Get donation pack together for other silent auction
Put outfit together for party
Finish getting house ready for party
Mock up two Christmas card options for Terri
Do Christmas cards of Patch for Mike

I would like this list to do itself. It won't. Alas.

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