~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

it's so cold! plus I got stuff done!

I'm freezing. Thinking about going to get a little cup of coffee but I try not to have coffee too many days in a row. Keeps me from getting headaches when I don't have caffeine. Stupid coffee monkey!


Beth wrote about my business on her site. Yay! I was pleased!

I talked to the lady from the Montague Inn and she said she would be willing to be on my list of available places for photo sites. She wants probably$50 per hour. Which could get pricey. Guess that will be up to potential clients to decide.

I made my Christmas cards! I still have to see how they'll lay out when I go to order them. I may have to tweak a bit but hopefully not. I'm pretty excited about them. I was able to include lots of kitty pictures.

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