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birthday dinner party - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
birthday dinner party
Yesterday we had all the family over for a dinner party celebrating Mary's & my grandma's birthday, which was last week on the 7th. We had a fine and fabulous time. We had takeout from Applebees and assorted drinks. Lots of conversation, laughing, eating. A good time. I like having people over.

I'm looking forward to having my prohibition repeal party in a few weeks. As long as I can get people to show up, it should be a really good time. Hey shan_a_rama! Want to come up for a party??

Today I'm going to head to Frankenmuth to walk around, look at stuff, and hopefully look for (and find!) places to take photos.

Anyone have any suggestions on that? What do you do for a client who wants family photos done indoors, but not in her home? I'm open to suggestions.
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