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Friday I worked on photos. I finished Tyler's processing. Yay! I'll probably send them to print this week. Perhaps today even! Friday night we watched Nip/Tuck. Now to wait and wait and wait.

Saturday I started on Joey's pictures. Later in the day I went to my g-ma's. We drank tea. I showed her the photos I had done so far. When I got home I made food. Got to bed late but not because I stayed up doing anything too interesting. Just wasting time online.

Yesterday I went back to the renaissance festival. I rescued a mole. It was by the jerkey stand and I was worried it would get trompled. So I got a cup from the smoothie place and scooped it up. He was successfully relocated to an area with trees and leaves. As long as he stayed in that area and didn't come out in the surrounding foot traffic, he was probably fine. Cute little thing. I got to check out the shops this time. Just looking at things.

Today I have a hair appointment. I'll work on more of Joey's photos. I'm making soup for dinner and will fit in a decent workout for a change.

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