~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

playing catch up again

Less time here again. Less time to get things done. I have class and a to-do list.

Saturday: Processed a few more photos. Watched lots of movie previews on yahoo. Went to see Burn After Reading. I liked it.

Sunday: Renaissance Festival. Had a good time, as always. The hair stick place wasn't there this year. That kind of disappointed me. We did the Feast of Fantasy. 6 courses, spread out over 2 hours. Entertainment throughout. Menu was: Mushroom cap stuffed with cheese and crab (?) It didn't taste crabby. Salad of romaine, feta, dried cranberries, vinaigrette. Creamy mushroom soup in a really soft and fresh bread bowl. That was probably my favorite of all the different things. Sorbet with champagne grapes. Herby pork tenderloin, acorn squash covered in baked apples, garlic cheese biscuit, roasted veggies - carrots, potatoes and what might have been turnips? I didn't like the maybe turnips. Dessert was fabulous. Some sort of chocolate thing that was maybe cake but involved lots of dark chocolatey ganache? or something that resembled truffle filling. Really dense and thick and sickening and good. And drizzled with raspberry sauce.

I bought a lip balm at Jodi Bee. I was chomping my lips and had no balm on me. Also bought insense and stuff at the witch shop and a scent locket from global scents. I love it.

Went for a long walk after I got home.

Monday: Went to class but Linda didn't show. I worked on photos for about an hour and then left. No sense in staying there. Got one more photo done that day. It rained later in the day/evening so I didn't get to walk. Had good dinner though. Finally got to watch Heroes premier. Still haven't watched the one that was on that night.

Yesterday: crampy and yucky and didn't do a damn thing. But that's ok.

Today I have class. I'm going to ask Linda's advice on locations for cold weather shooting.

I'm also going to call back the bride lady from yesterday. I'm actually considering doing it. It will depend on her expectations and budget.

Other things on my to-do list: more craigslist ads, get my fancy dress cleaned to store, price and maybe buy fleece for throws/blankets, find long sleeve tees to layer at home

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