~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

the wedding.

Actually just the reception. We didn't time it quite right and just missed our window to get there in time.

Rewind. We started out at 9 am. We stopped atr McDonald's on the way for coffee and breakfast. Then there was lots and lots of driving. 5 hours. We got to the hotel, got directions to the reception and the ceremony and then realized that we didn't actually have enough time to make it to the ceremony. See Steve had printed out the directions, which said that the drive was 5 hours. But in his head he decided it was 4.5 hours. That half hour actually made a difference. So we went to Wendy's and ate chicken nuggets instead.

Then we got ready for the reception. We took the shuttle over, which allowed us to drink. And we did. But later. First we hung out with the parents of one of the bridesmaids. We had just met them but they were good peeps. The wife, Carol, was awesome. Really the kind of older lady I'd like to hang out with. She amused me. She was telling one of the other couples at the table about her daughter's previous beaus and that one of them had a "kinky past" that they found out about. She whispered *he was into porno!*. I had to ask. Acting? Making them? *no, watching!* Hee! I kept my mouth shut. Really though, I was hoping for something a little more scandalous.

The reception was at a boys prep school. It looked like they had taken a courtyard and made it into a room. Three of the walls were bricks, like the outside of buildings. It was really neat looking. Huge. Pretty. I took a couple pictures with my phone but they will not do it justice. Alas.

Kim's mom made the appetizers. Including egg rolls! Kim's mom makes fabulous egg rolls. Dinner was ok but nothing too exciting or great. I didn't get any of the actual wedding cake but did have a raspberry filled cupcake that was pretty tasty. I also had a good amount of alcohol. A few rum & cokes, until they ran out of rum. Then a couple vodka tonics. I hadn't had one before. They're limey. And not bad at all.

The DJ did not suck and played music that I danced to. Finally! He even played the Let's Get Married Remix. I pleaded. It worked.

Carol, the bridesmaid's mom, seemed to take a liking to me and talked to me quite a bit. And she told me she liked my dress!

The night ended at 10, which is pretty early. Right around the end of the night they had the DJ announce that there were still egg rolls remaining and to come up and get them. This made me very happy. Because as I mentioned, Kim's mom's egg rolls = fabulous.

The drive home today was long but uneventful.

in a little over an hour I'm meeting the one senior to finish his photos. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this time.

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