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wednesday again

I have a shorter day at work so I can go to class. It definitely helps with the boredom. There isn't much time to be bored. I'll be leaving in a little under 2 hours. Going to look at my last update to see what I've missed.

Outline: Saturday shoot, class, processing challenges, upcoming things - horse senior, contest winner, that damn car, cakes, Steve's birthday

Ok that's just a lot of stuff.

I had the shoot with my first real stranger. I was pleased to find that they were not lame and the boy was cute. Like really cute. Both things that make it easier. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative. It was gray and misty and after about an hour of shoot time, it started to rain. Blah. So we are supposed to be getting together to finish, hopefully around sunset on a day that isn't rainy. I was thinking about Sunday. I haven't heard from the lady yet. I'll call her tomorrow if she doesn't call me first.

Class has been going... not too badly. She gave us the last couple class periods to work on photos and that's been nice. I have up what I've done so far in my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/angelle321
Today I'm really hoping I'll have the chance to ask Linda about a couple things that are holding me up in my processing. Color correcting for that misty, rainy, early morning and skin blemish correction that doesn't look all weird and fake. I have a couple new ideas I came up with while walking last night so I'll give them a try when I next have the chance.

Last Saturday I had a voice mail from a lady with a daughter with a horse. The daughter wants a couple of her senior pictures with the horse, though she's getting her "real" senior pictures done at Sears. I gave the lady mt regular prices. She didn't seem to think that was a bad thing. She's supposed to be calling back to set a date. She was expecting another call when I called her and didn't have her calendar handy. I'll see if she calls back. She might surprise me. The other one did.

My contest winner is having some personal and home problems and sounds like she's thinking about not going through with it. I am going to do my best to make it work for her. She doesn't have the money for it, neither do I, but I want her to get her pictures. So I'm thinking this will be a total freebie. Hopefully she'll tell her friends that I'm fabulous and it will all work out well in the end. So I really should call her in the next couple days too.

Today I'm planning to take more pictures of Harry's damn car. He's going to try putting it online and hopefully it will sell. At the very least, after this he should have all the pictures he needs.

Sunday was Steve's birthday. We had people over but it was a little quiet, as one would expect a Sunday to be. It was nice though. I made cake. A pineapple upside down darn good cake. I'm going to try it with apples soon. If I can find the time, like within the next couple days kind of soon. I'm excited about it.

Lots of other things on my mind but don't really feel like writing about it all.

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