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The rest of the trip

I kinda forgot to keep writing. I might have to use twitter to keep it straight.

Thursday: It was rainy. I didn't like it. Especially since I didn't want to have to be out and about without my bag. But I didn't want to get my stuff wet. Particularly the camera. So we went to Target and I bought a smallish umbrella. Black with colored dots. I also tried on some workout pants and ended up having to go down a size lower than what I thought I'd need. Wee! That's always nice. They fit well and I liked them. I grabbed socks (like I really need more) and Hello Kitty notepads from the dollar bins. And a cow puppet for Mikale. It's super cute.

We went back to the apartment after Target to drop off the car and then walked down to Andie's and had lunch. Yay! Good stuff too. After that we walked back to the apartment to grab a poncho to drape over my bag to make up for any bits the umbrella missed. That helped. My flip flops made my feet sad and hurty but there is a Payless right near the train so I stopped in there intending to buy something cheap and functional. And that is what I did. They are ugly but I did not care. They were probably the least painful shoes I've ever walked around Chicago in. And they're mesh mostly so it didn't matter if I got them wet. This was fortunate because there wasn't much getting around that.

We took the train downtown and went to the Ethel's in the same building as the Nordstrom's. I never remember what the place is called. But I know what's in it and how to get there. Good enough for me. So we went to Ethel's and had marvelous mochas. So good. So sickening. But so worth it.

Post chocolate bliss we went down to Sephora. I wanted to pick up my Moon Sparkle. I also had a girl put make up on me and give me some ideas of what to do with some of the stuff I own. Not that I have much occasion to wear it. But if I do, I'll have a better idea of what to do! It actually looked good. Without being all OMG MAKEUP!! I didn't intend to buy anything but the Moon Sparkle. But I also got an eye shadow that she was using on me, more of my night time lip stuff and an eye liner. More money than I'm going to admit to.

Before we left, I stopped at the Sanrio store. I got another umbrella. A bigger one. And Hello Kitty-licious. It's cute. I also grabbed a little pack of stickers and a mini notebook.

We walked part of the way and took a cab the rest of the way to Dave & Buster's. We met Steve's parents and Beth and her bf Tim there. Had dinner, couple drinks, and played games. It's big and there is a lot to take in. We had to leave before we even made it through all of our credits on our cards. Steve and I anyway. I think everyone else was out.

Friday: Wedding! Wait. Driving! Then wedding! I added music to my mp3 player, got an overnight bag together, not much else. Then came the driving. We stopped at a couple stores to try to find me a purse. Didn't have much luck though. So when we got to our destination, we got directions to a nearby mall. I had never heard of Peru, Ill., but now I've been there. And been to their mall. And bought purses there. Three of them! It was a decent mall. The lady at the register at the last place we stopped was great. She was amusing. I would have liked to go back to that store. There was an old lady sweater there that I really had my eye on.

Then it was back to the hotel, shower, getting dressed, made up, ready to do wedding things. As far as weddings go, it wasn't bad. I've been to worse. It wasn't overly long or religious, really a plus. Outdoor wedding. The bride walked down to a string arrangement of Metallica's One. Different. They also had a rock ceremony. They had written words on rocks and the minister read off the words and they put them in this glass thing that they planned to keep in their house. To remind them of their commitment and meaning and such.

The reception was nice. In the center of each table was a cake. There were a few different flavors so if you weren't into your flavor, you could go to another table and steal a slice of theirs.There were appetizers before dinner - bruschetta, meatballs, itty bitty baby quiche. Good stuff. Open bar. Plated dinner. I had spinach & sage dressing stuffed chicken breast, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans with onions and bacon. So good. I ate too much and felt icky. Then I drank too much and didn't care any more.

The dance wasn't too cool. The bride had vetoed much of the good stuff. Most of the good stuff. But she had a good time dancing with her friends and I suppose that is the important part. Unless you want to dance. Then you care less about the bride and her friends, who you don't know anyway, and just want better music already. Dammit! Ah well. Like I said. Didn't care so much after a while.

Saturday: We headed back. Long drive. I was mostly distracted and occupied so that helped. A lot actually. My mp3 player needed to charge so we listened to the radio. It was some variety at least. We went downtown for some more shopping. Real shopping this time ('cause before that it was fake, of course). Went to Lush, bought a few things, went to H& M, tried on stuff, felt fat. Went down the street a bit and got fitted for a decent bra (at Victoria's Secret. Weird. Usually their quality is terrible.) and that made me happy. Even though it was one of only two bras in the whole damn store that could accommodate my ridiculous breasts. And the other bra was ugly and old-lady-ish. So that left me with one bra. My color choices were white, black and dusty violet. I decided to go with the black. I don't know if it was the best choice. But it fits so well I don't care! It's amazing what a difference that makes.

Last bit of important shopping was Ethel's. I had stuff to pick up for other people, stuff to pick up to gift, and stuff to pick up for me. Chocolate is an important part of the trip! I bought enough that they gave me free stuff. Or maybe it was that I bought the right combination of things. Either way, free stuff!

We made our way back to the apartment. Beth & Tim met us there. We got ready to go out, were told we were invited to a club with dancing. So I made sure to dress nicely. Good new bra, good jeans, pretty make up. I felt cute! We went to dinner somewhere in chinatown. The food was super good. I was quite pleased. Then it was on to the club. Which was kinda dead and kinda lame. So we went to this other club. Which was less dead but still kinda lame. It looked cool. Had strong drinks. But house music. Bleah. Just not my thing. Beth & Tim were ready to call it a night after that because they don't really go out. So no dancing. Which made me sad. I stayed up late.

I didn't sleep late. I hate it when part of me decides that it's time to be up but most of me does not agree.

Sunday: Met remorra for breakfast at Hamburger Mary's. Always good to see her! Yay! Good food, good company, fried twinkies, pictures. Nice way to finish off the trip. Most of the weekend was spent with lots of txt messaging. This was nice and pleased me.

Then came the drive. Lots and lots and lots of drive. We stopped a bit after we got back into Michigan to buy some chocolate for Pat for being so awesome and watching my babies. I should have thought about it when we were actually in Chicago and at first I was disappointed about it. But then we stopped at the Chocolate Garden and had what might be the best truffles I've ever had and then I was glad I forgot. I will definitely want to go back there again. We also stopped at a fruit stand and bought peaches and plums.

When we got home we unloaded the car and then went to Wal-Mart for a few grocery items and a couple things for me. Boring but necessary items. I took a shower and washed my hair so I didn't get to bed until late late late. I probably got about 4 hours of sleep. Getting up this morning was no fun at all. It sucked pretty hardcore actually.

Today was long. Class was boring. I hope it picks up for me soon. The beginning stuff is stuff I know and have done so I just get so bored. Being tired didn't help. After class I bought my books. Then found out I could get them for half as much on Amazon. So I did that a little bit ago and tomorrow I'll return the first set. Worth it to save over $50.

Now it's bedtime.
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