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shopping and playing. wee! - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
shopping and playing. wee!
This morning I was crabby. I got it over it. Food helped.

We went to Target and I bought an umbrella. And some hello kitty notepads, cute socks, a cow puppet for Mikale, and some workout pants in a size lower than I thought I would take. Yay to that! We had tasty food at Andie's. Hummus, baba ganouj, falafel, tabbouleh and soft flat bread. So good. Life was better then.

We stopped at Payless and I bought some shoes because my foamy flipflops were hurty. I bought ugly shoes but they were so much more comfortable I didn't even care. Which is saying something. We went downtown and went to Ethel's. Had chocolates and "marvelous mochas" which really are awesome. So good. Sickening, but good. Then I went to Sephora and bought my Moon Sparkle and now I smell fabulous. Not that I wouldn't anyway but this stuff just makes me want to keep smelling myself. Unusual for something non-bpal. I also picked up more of that nighttime lip treatment I use. I had someone there give me a bit of an eye make up lesson. I have so many Urban Decay shadows (and other brands but tons of UD) and I don't know how to use them well. Well now I have a better idea. I don't know if I'll feel comfortable wearing it but I can give it a shot. I bought one more shadow, a pinky beigey neutral shadow to use as a base. Before we left, I made a quick stop in the Sanrio store. I bought another unmbrella. This one is bigger and has hello kitty on it so it's cute!

Then we walked in the rain for a while and caught a cab for the last bit on our way to Dave & Buster's. We met Beth & her bf and Steve's parents there. Dinner, drinks and games. Good time. I got to play skeeball! This always pleases me. Particularly when there is alcohol involved.

Tomorrow is the wedding. There won't be time to change between the ceremony and the reception so I won't be wearing the dress. It just wouldn't be appropriate for a ceremony. Too cleavage-y. Ah well. There's still another wedding later in the month. We'll see how that one goes.

Now it's time for bed. Steve's mom gave me a cleansing cloth that I used to take off all the makeup. So now I just have to get myself into pajamas and take Zyrtec.


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hellomokona From: hellomokona Date: September 8th, 2008 05:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
Congrats on the pants! What a great feeling!

Moon Sparkle? Is that the Escada perfume? I guess I could just google it, but I'm lazy. It sounds pretty, or like a hippy name. :)

Fall is the worst time for shoes I think. They get so ugly and schoolmarm-ish... And they aren't flip flops. Are the foamy ones good otherwise? I still want to order a pair, or the Jesus-y rope ones, but I keep forgetting to get an updated opinion from you.

crushedglass From: crushedglass Date: September 8th, 2008 11:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
The moon sparkle is indeed the Escada! One of the rare non-bpal perfumes I've ever liked.

My thoughts on shoes:

normal foamy/plastic top flip flops are fine for small amounts of walking. To and from your car, or house, or the grocery store or something. They tend to get dirty and mine start to smell funky eventually. I've never managed to get them to wash well.

The dishwasher safe Oka B. ones broke. But I emailed them and apparently they have a 2 year guarantee on them so I just need to send them back and they'll send me a new pair. Wee!

The ropey ones were fine but I just stilled wearing them. No good reason I don't think. I washed them once and they came mostly clean. My favorites were defintely the Oka Bs.
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