~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

ten year high school reunion weekend

It was not awful. It didn't suck. I wasn't uncomfortable or miserable. So a big yay to that! I'm glad I talked myself into going.

Friday was the meet and greet at Stardust. Steve and I went to that. I saw some people I knew, possibly more that I didn't. We bowled a bit. Had a couple drinks. I saw some people I was definitely pleased to see again. (Like Jeremy Mitchell!) I spent quite a bit of time talking to Jillian (whose last name I can't remember how to spell. It's not her last name anymore anyway because she got married.) and Ralph Furlo (crazy! back when we were in school I always thought he disliked me.)

The Friday night thing made me feel a lot better about the rest of the weekend. Plus I had asked knitmeapony if I could tag along with her on Saturday so that took a lot of the stress away from that. Pretty much all of it actually. Now that I think about it, the whole weekend I didn't feel the least bit anxious. Weird.

So knitmeapony came and picked me up Saturday evening and we went. My dress was fabulous and I felt pretty fabulous in it. We sat at the same table as Ralph, Marisa, Janelle, Nora and a couple other people who kept coming and leaving (Eluehue and Marvin and maybe someone else?). Dinner didn't suck. Pretty typical wedding reception buffet type stuff. So at least I'm used to it! And it made me not worry about making myself stupid or sick drinking. And there was some drinking. And talking. And pretty much no dancing because the DJ was... lame. Nice, but lame. I told him it was shameful. He took it well. Mostly I visited with Handley people. I thought it was funny that I go to my high school reunion to hang out with my elementary school classmates. Lyniece and I were talking about trying to set up a Handley gathering. We all would probably appreciate that more. At least it seemed that way. I was excited to see them.

There were a lot of people who didn't show. Too bad. Some of them I really would have liked to see.

There was on interesting/uncomfortable moment when one of the teachers was speaking at the front and was pretty hardcore hitting on Ralph. She also had... something going on with Heath (who still looks like a jackass.) It was kind of like she was insulting him but flirting with him and it was a little creepy. But entertaining!

Sunday was... boring in parts. It was the "family picnic" and not everyone came. Plus, not being a parent makes you kind of an oddity. I took some pictures of Lyniece's little girl. She's very cute. We shared cake. It seemed to make her pretty happy. She just looked so excited when she saw my plate. It amused me. knitmeapony, Steve and I hung out together and were the weird non-parents of the group. Ah well! I'm ok with it.

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