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[20:37] Angelle321: squid.
[20:40] DavidM: octopus
[20:40] Angelle321: wombat?
[20:40] DavidM: way off
[20:40] Angelle321: off what
[20:40] Angelle321: I like wombats
[20:40] DavidM: too bad.
[20:41] DavidM: this isn't about you.
[20:41] Angelle321: :)
[20:41] Angelle321: there is no this
[20:41] DavidM: excuse me? what am i, chopped liver?
[20:42] Angelle321: i dont know, *are* you? do a sniff test... if youre chopped liver you might smell a little funny
[20:42] DavidM: i smell a little funny anyway
[20:42] Angelle321: hmm like chopped liver kind of funny?
[20:43] DavidM: i don't know, why don't you do a taste test?
[20:43] Angelle321: I've never had chopped liver
[20:43] Angelle321: and I dont know if I wanna try any for the comparison
[20:44] DavidM: oh, i'm sure i'm not chopped liver... so it's safe.
[20:44] Angelle321: ah well then, to answer your question, no. you are not chopped liver!
[20:44] Angelle321: that was easy enough
[20:45] DavidM: i still want you to lick me

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