~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

not much to report but I really ought to write

I feel like taking a nap. I need to do more productive things though. :(

I had something I wanted to write in a different journal but I changed the password to something more difficult and have no idea what it was. I also apparently didn't email it to myself. Then I went to the page it directs you to if you forget such things, but the "proceed" button wasn't clickable. So now I have to wait for LJ support to get back to me. Grr, forgetful brain, grr.

Yesterday my grandma wasn't feeling well so I brought Mikale home with me instead of taking him there. We watched Indiana Jones. Well sort of. He decided he didn't really want to watch it when it was about half over. But I was more stubborn than he was and I won. We finished it. Then he had to act it all out. Sometimes he seems like such a little grown up. At other times he's all seven-year-old. By the time Mary came, he was bugging me to call her. For a while. But again, I was more stubborn and won. Then she came and I had to get myself motivated to sweat. Woo fun. Except for my lack of motivation.

Yesterday I had texts that made me smile. Always a good thing.

Other things I did yesterday:
  • Stopped at the CU and cashed my extra check.
  • Grr-ed about Steve and laundry. I think he did a load of towels and then, instead of taking the dry ones out of the dryer and putting the wet ones in, he just put the wet ones in with the dry ones and set it to go for a cycle. Which didn't get them all the way dry. And that was 2 or 3 days before. But I didn't know or I would have just done it myself. So grr. Plus he washed something that I had intended to soak and I don't know if it will come clean and it wasn't mine. So grr. Yes, these are the things that I have to grr about. It's silly and sad. Oh. I finished drying the towels too.
  • Put entertaining/party supplies in a plastic tub with all the other holiday stuff in tubs in the gift closet.
  • Drank water.
  • Got in some necessary exercise.
  • Made soup

It doesn't seem like as much in list form but I felt productive at the time. Beats the day before when I spent the afternoon watching Swingtown and napping!

Today I have dinner plans. So if I'm going to get anything done I should probably do it soon. I might clean the kitchen. It needs it. But it's not as bad as it was before.

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