~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

one way to meat the neighbors

So we were walking tonight and in one of the yards I spotted a guilty looking kitty with some prey. (As I mentioned in the last bird story, I know the look). I walked into the yard he was in to tell him how bad he was and see if his prey was still well enough to get away. It was, sort of. Kitty dropped the bird, a robin, and he flapped and hopped away. So I followed him. Across the street and into another person's yard.

Mr. Robin did not want to be caught and hopped all over. Through the yard, up in and around bushes. Then I lost him. I kept looking around and in the last bush I had chased him into but he was just gone. Steve spotted him taking off across the yard and to the next yard we went! This house actually had a person outside. I let the lady know I was in her yard and why, though I didn't ask permission. She sort of tried to help. We had him in her garage at one point and I had him in a corner and then he bit me. It startled me and I lost him again. That was probably my one real chance.

We chased him around her yard for a while and then he took off across another road to another yard. Lady gave me a bucket to try to catch him. I carried it for a while but didn't even have the chance to see if it would work. This yard had a lot of ornamental plants and pine trees and then I really lost him. I sent Steve back with the bucket while I tried looking a little more. He said the lady went in the house when she saw him coming. The bird was nowhere to be found. :(

Mr. Robin is somewhere all gimpy and wish I would have caught him. Now I'll worry. And feel guilty about not catching him when I had the chance.
Tags: critter tales

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