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I have some critter stuff to catch up on.

Monday, that very busy day I had, I forgot to write about the part where I rescued this little bitty chickadee. I think it was a chickadee. I was on my way out, in my car going down the driveway, and I saw Margaret in the grass looking suspicious. I've gotten to know the look of a cat with prey. So I got out and went to see what she had and she ran away, leaving the poor little thing in the grass. I wasn't sure ihe was still alive. He ('it' just feels wrong, though I don't know if it was a he or a she) was just laying there on his back quivering. I saw blood on him but couldn't tell where it was coming from. So I scooped him up in my hand and took him in to my grandma. She found a basket and a couple soft cloths to wrap him in. I found the wound. A little spot on his neck. I dabbed at it with a piece of tissue. She put the basket in her shower.

The next day I found out that the bird seemed better later on and was fluttering around in the shower and so my grandma decided to try to see if he could fly. So she took him outside and he took off flying but fell down into the ditch, where a large orange tom cat got after him. She got him back but after that he seemed even more shaken up and she decided to put him back in the shower for the night. The next day he was dead. Alas. It would have been better to have left him in with some food/water and called the bird lady the next day I think.

Tuesday, Brother went back to the vet. My grandma said he still smelled like he had an infection and his gums seemed to still have swelling. Maybe even more than before. So I made the appointment and took him. He actually smelled better to me. Way better, actually. So I don't know. Dr. Hegenauer thought his jaw did still look swollen so he gave me liquid antibiotics this time (at my grandma's request, instead of the shot he got last time) and he's getting them twice a day. Monday I'll see what my grandma thinks. The next step is getting him x-rays and checked for immuno diseases. I suspect credit card hell will never end.

And then yesterday, Mikale shut Jebby's tail in the door. That's what I heard form Mikale yesterday. Today I hear from my grandma that it's worse than that. He *slammed* the door and Jebby's tail looks pretty jacked up. I couldn't get him in to the vet today so I went over there to play doctor. I'll do in a pinch. I'm pretty competent. He was bleeding quite a bit last night I think but that seems to have stopped. But I can see where it's cut. It looks deep. I couldn't get at it enough to see if there is bone visible or not but I did wash it with warm water and my grandma is going to get some neosporin for it. If we can keep it from getting infected for a couple days, he should be ok until Monday. His appointment is at 3. She's not going to let him out. If she did, the flies would be on him for sure and I really (really really) hate dealing with maggots. Bleah.

Mikale and I are going to have a serious talk tonight about why we continue to remind him to be careful and how it would be better for him to listen to us, rather than argue with us. Argue argue argue. He insists that he's being careful and that he's not going to accidentally hurt anyone (hello! that's why it's an accident!) and it's hard to get him to slow down in the house. But we will be working on this.
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