~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

I do not feel equipped to deal with today

I'm tired. Like really tired and it just makes me crabby, and impatient, and irritable. And I feel like crying over stupid stuff and for some reason I'm itchy. Like under my skin itchy. They might be related. I haven't managed to get enough sleep in I don't know how many days. And it's stupid because "not enough sleep" for me is less than 8 hours. But this 6 to 7 hours just doesn't work for me. I feel it. So yay to all of you out there who don't need much sleep. You're probably functioning better than I am today. I woke up and one of my first thoughts was about when I'd be able to go to sleep again. And I was sad, knowing that it wouldn't be for hours and hours and that I might not get to bed on time again today because I have more stuff to do.

Yesterday I was busy. After I got out of work, I went to my hair appointment but then we rescheduled it. So I went home, had some lunch, changed my clothes, got ready & went to g-ma's, drive us all to St. Charles and back (had to go to buy frontline at the vet's), then went to the gas station for her to pick up gas for her lawnmower, drove home, had osme dinner, talked to Robin about html and css stuff for her LJ, tried to go through some of Harry's pictures but didn't know what I was looking at. So I called him and he's supposed to come over today whenever I get home. He didn't seem to really care that I was busy and seemed more focused on the pictures. I understand that he needs to get the car sold and that the guy is waiting on the pictures but damn. What am I supposed to do? I just did not have time.

Today, straight out of work I think I'm supposed to be picking up Mikale from the thing that I don't know what you call it but it's like babysitting for a bunch of kids at a school in the summer time. Then I have to go to g-ma's and pick up Brother to take him to the vet because he's not better yet. Then take him back. Then drive back home. Then call Harry and mess with the car pics. Then something resembling a workout hopefully and then bed. Which means I'm not going to get enough sleep tonight either and I'm going to feel like crap tomorrow. And I have no idea where in there I'll be able to eat anything.

Some days I really don't like my life.


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