~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

yesterday and today

Visiting g-ma with Melissa didn't end up working out yesterday. My grandma went shopping with Barb and then they came here so Barb and Steve could discuss house stuff. So I went there myself to take her blueberries and grab my mail. I had another product come in for me to test and write up for the product blog. My Old Navy shirts were in as well. So now I have a few more vneck tees. A white one, since I don't seem to be able to keep clean enough to wear the one I have more than once without having to wash it, one in dark gray, one in dark blue and one in a lighter shade of blue.

I scanned a bunch more film stuff last night. Contact sheets and more of my prints. It takes a long time so I haven't made as much progress with it as I'd like. But a little here and there is good. I stayed up too late doing that. I suspect I'll be tired tonight but who knows if I'll actually be able to sleep.

Harry called me last night and wants more pictures of the car. So I'll head over there. Then probably pick up Melissa and head over to g-ma's. I tried calling my grandma but she didn't answer. So either she's out doing something or laying down. It's super chilly today. A good day to stay in bed.

Sometime later I also should work in something resembling a workout.

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