~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

went out + more

I got the urge to go out last night. I don't know why. I don't often. Go out or get the urge to. But I did feel like it, though I was sure to be tired before too long. So I called Rick and asked him what he was up to and told him Steve and I were looking for something to do. He said he was planning to go down to Woody's at around 10 to see a band. A couple members are in another band with him and so he knows the guys in this one. I was game but suggested we meet at Retro around 9:30ish for a drink because if I waited too late I would lose all my ambition and a lot of me being able to go out is just the momentum. It helps. Otherwise, I'd just want to go to sleep.

So I got ready, cleavage and heels and everything, and we met Rick down there. It was pretty dead at that point but really I was just trying to stay moving. We had a couple drinks there and then went next door and stayed there for the rest of the night. I called and txted Melissa (who is in town) to let her know that we were down there in case she and her friend happened to want to do something different than whatever she said they were going to do earlier. She did show up for a while but it sounded like they had been going all over and so they were soon on their way again.

The band was not bad and I'm far less deaf than I expected to be today. So that's good. I also don't feel yucky. But I didn't really expect to. I alternate drinks with glasses of ice water and then after I came home I drank about 7-8 more cups. Technically. Actually I just filled a big cup 3 or 4 times and it holds about 2.5 cups. So I either had 7.5 or 10. A lot, anyway.

I didn't go to sleep until quite late. Before we left the bar, I got a text message from someone I've been hoping to befriend and we texted back and forth a bit. When I got home, I turned on the computer so I could do something while I drink my bunches of water and talked to him on Facebook for a while. I had hoped to befriend him but I'm thinking this is not a mutual thing so I'm not going to worry about it I guess. I like meeting people who I think have the potential to be people I can just be me with. And have that be true for them too. I like getting to know people. Really, rather than superficially. Usually the superficial things aren't nearly as interesting. But it seems he's very private so I'm not sure what that leaves. Acquaintenceship? Which is where we are now. So there you go. It is what it is, and I expect that's what it will continue to be. Which is fine. You never know until you try. And I did. And now I know. Sad though. I really thought differently.

I didn't sleep long enough but I didn't expect to be able to. Woke up at 11ish, took a shower, got dressed. Now I'm drinking an iced mocha, which is a little too bitter for my mouth right now. I'm hoping the ice will melt and dilute it a little. I also have some gatorade. Which sounds good but I'll drink it only with lots of other water or it will make me feel all puffy.

Today I need to freeze my blueberries, wash my jeans and my jean skirt, take my grandma her blueberries, and pick up Melissa and take her over there to visit with me and g-ma. My grandma's been kind of like an adopted grandma to her too since we've known each other since we were toddlers.

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