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my alarm woke me up mid dream today - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
my alarm woke me up mid dream today
So I'm still feeling a little fuzzy. In my dream I had a bunch of baby ferrets. I was trying to keep the cats from getting them. I was trying to move them from one place to another. I don't know where the new place was. They were at first in my car. But I think I was driving a Renault. There were cats in my car too. And I was trying to drive and look at the babies and keep the cats from eating them.

Then for some reason I was somewhere else with a couple other people and there was something going on. But Eric was there too and I asked him if he would help me with something. So at first I was going to get him to help me move the ferrets. Then I was trying to give him one.

This is a new dream but a common theme for me. Usually it's kittens and I'm trying to keep them all in somewhere and keep them safe. And I'm usually having a hard time with it or just failing at it completely. Like if you had a bucket of water with a hole in it and the water's pouring out and you're trying to put the water back in with your bare hands.


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